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Pneumatic Neck Traction Fixer

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The portable Neck traction Fixer is a new type necktractor as a product of health care. Frequently use will be able to prevent and treat cervical spondylopathy, alleviate the fatigue in neck area and can auxiliary cure the uncomfortable caused by cervical vertebra disease. It is a function product with traction, fix, magnetic cure and health care, especially helpful for the mid and old age people.There are two models as A and C. DX-A means general model, and DX-C is magnetic.

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1. Fix the neck traction fixer around neck, adjust the circle according to different sizes of the neck and put the nylon strap in the front.

2. Fasten the air-releasing screw before pump the air.

3. If patient need adjust the clutching in the lower part of the circle and the traction angel should be readjusted according to the feeling of patients of the advice of doctors. If the disease is on the right, please strengthen the right side by separating from the left side (see picture).

4. Pumped the air until feel comfortable and alleviate pain symptom. After pumped, please put ball into upper pipe for preventing from the air leaking slowly.

5. The fixing control can be used for a long time; 20 – 30 minutes are tof medium and minor traction; and 1-3 minutes are for strong traction.

6. Usually, at first make the medium and minor traction, then the strong traction according to the feeling of patients. A course of 2-3 doses daily last for 10-20 days.

7. Must use it under doctor direction for concrete symptoms treatment.

8. After treatment, push back the ball to the pipe first; discharge air spontaneously by gradually relaxing the screws. Do not crush the tractor for discharge.

1. Practical and effective: used not only in inside and outside the room , but also in sitting, traveling and lying. Frequent use would effectively prevent and alleviate the fatigue in neck area .

2. Convenient for carrying: a handy design for carry- on easy.

3. Simple operation: portable and adjustable of angular and strength of traction by yourselves.

4. Safety: no pain, risk and any side effect when used in accordance with the instruction given.

This product is small in volume, light in weight 250g, powerful in traction 0-80kg long in traction range (1-20cm). It has special dynamic structure that answer to the physiological curve and automatically protect the sensitive area in the front of neck when pumped to shape. The three air chambers are divided into high and low respectively. The low part can be separated partly in order to adjust the fixed angle of traction. Close the high part after enough air pumped which can make patients feel comfortable in the course of traction and fixing adjustment.

There are three high performance magnets used in DX-C Necktractionwhich will be helpful to enhance the curative effects in health care.

Traction methods have long been used by physical therapists in dealing with neck pain. There is significant body of medical evidence (see references) that has shown benefits from neck traction. Traction works through a number of mechanisms including passive stretching of the muscles and ligaments, gapping of the facet joints, improving neural foraminal opening, and reducing cervical disc herniation. It has been found to reduce nerve impingement in individuals with confirmed radiculopathy and localized neck pain in individual with cervicogenic pain and spondylosis.

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